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GTA 6 Trailer Set to Release in Early December, Confirmed by Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games hasn't given us news about a new GTA game in a long time. Today, there was a leaked hint about GTA 6 that got fans excited. Then, Rockstar Games President Sam Houser tweeted that they're officially revealing GTA 6 in December.


In a tweet, Houser talked about how Rockstar has been paying attention to fans since 1988, creating fun games. Towards the end, he shared that the official Grand Theft Auto trailer (probably GTA VI) is coming out "in early December," possibly in the first two weeks. It sounds like a Christmas present I'm really looking forward to!

In that thread, Rockstar Games confirmed it's indeed a new Grand Theft Auto game, making our GTA 6 dreams come true soon. Next month, they're unveiling a trailer, likely with the official logo and game name.


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