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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra images leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a highly anticipated smartphone. Everyone is looking forward to it and have high hopes for what it might offer. There have been lots of rumors and even some pictures leaked, building up the anticipation.

Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra leaked image
Image Credit-David Martin

We're getting a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for the first time, It's important to note that Samsung hasn't officially talked about this new phone yet. However, a well-known leaker, @UniverseIce on X (formerly Twitter), is standing by this latest leak and has mentioned that "it has been confirmed that this is the real Galaxy S24 Ultra."

However, it's wise to approach these images with caution and skepticism. The leaked pictures were initially shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user David Martin. If they turn out to be accurate, it seems that the S24 Ultra will have a flat display for the first time, departing from the curved display seen in previous models like the S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra from Samsung.

As for the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. A well-known leaker, Ice Universe, shared on Weibo that Samsung could possibly launch the Galaxy S24 series on January 18.

In addition to the camera upgrade, there's a leak suggesting a 200MP camera sensor for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. When it comes to the body and design, there's speculation about the inclusion of a titanium frame, similar to the latest iPhone. It's also anticipated that the S24 Ultra will continue to support the S-Pen.


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