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Samsung One UI 6.0 Features

Samsung is ready to introduce a new Android update, One UI 6.0 with its latest feature for its smartphones and tablets. Traditionally, the release of a major Android update is accompanied by a new version of the One UI software. As usual, Samsung starts these big updates with its flagship Galaxy S smartphones as the beta version is already out for the S23 series.

Redesigned Quick Setting menu:

The new Quick Settings menu is divided into sections and larger than before. the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are completely separate from each other. The brightness slider now appears even after you swipe down (previously, you had to swipe twice to reveal it). It's also nice to have quick access to toggle between dark and light from the quick settings menus, Samsung now remembers little things like the Airplane mode setting, so if you were you put Bluetooth in Airplane mode, the next time you turn it on. , will be enabled.

Samsung One UI 6

Changes in Camera App:

Samsung is moving the Camera app interface to One UI 6.0 with some minor changes.

In Photo mode, you can tap a button directly to switch between 12MP and 50MP images,

In Video mode, you have a very easy way to choose the result and frame rate.

When you tap the gear icon on the camera app, you no longer see "Scene Optimizer" on the front page, now it's hidden under "Advanced Intelligence Options.

Weather app Enhancements:

The updated Weather app now allows users to navigate the map to get weather information without needing to know the city name. The weather widget has been updated to provide detailed local weather information, including alerts for severe weather conditions.

New Gallery app Features:

Samsung has made a few changes to the gallery. When you open an individual photo, you now see an "i" button in the middle. This makes it easy to find photo details. When you click on the image editing icon, you now see the settings are well organized, and for every change you make, you have undo and redo buttons, which is great for editing pictures.

Smart Select changes:

Samsung improved the Smart Select feature, It now shows the aspect ratio, and you see a magnifier that helps you make an extremely precise selection.

Waveform animation while playing music:

Now you get a new animated waveform while you play music.


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